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Below are descriptions of materials available in the NCCEFT DVD Lending Library for members to share. If you’d like to borrow a DVD please email. Please follow the directions below to expedite the process:

1) Include the mailing address where you would like to receive the DVD.

2) Please request one DVD at a time and you may submit subsequent requests once you have returned the prior DVD.

3) Please return the DVD within 3 weeks to ensure other members are able to view it.


1- A Consultation in EFT -Shaping Change Events: 2003, 82 minutes

This DVD shows a live consultation with a couple stuck in a blamer/withdrawer pattern. Sue Johnson moves the partners into the beginning of withdrawer re-engagement and blamer softening, two regular EFT change events. The couple is then able to repeat these experiences in further sessions with the referring therapist, successfully transforming their relationship. There is an introductory conversation with Sue Johnson and Kate Ciceri the referring therapist.

2- Interventions in EFT (Change the Music/Change the Dance)

See interventions in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy identified as Sue Johnson uses them in three live sessions taken from the first and beginning of the second stage of therapy. Use this resource together with The Practice of EFT (2004) and the workbook – Becoming an Emotionally Focused Couples Therapist (2005) to grasp the essentials of this powerful, empirically validated approach to working with couples.

3- Hold Me Tight DVD

Join three couples as they create a more loving, secure bond — a bond that lasts a lifetime.This DVD shows three couples who — with the help of Sue Johnson — go through six of the conversations from her book, Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love. The conversations shown here are based on Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT), an empirically validated approach to improving relationships, shown to help 7 out of 10 couples move from frustration and loneliness into a secure loving bond. You will see couples move through seven conversations:

  • Conversation 1 — Recognizing the Demon Dialogues
  • Conversation 2 — Finding the Raw Spots
  • Conversation 4 — Hold Me Tight — Engaging and Connecting
  • Conversation 5 — Forgiving Injuries
  • Conversation 6 — Bonding through Sex and Touch
  • Conversation 7 — Keeping Your Love Alive

4- Re-engaging Withdrawers

This DVD shows two complete live sessions (with Sue Johnson as the therapist) that were conducted at Externships in Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy in 2008/2009.

Disc 1: Couple 1 – Session 8 of EFT with John and Julia
Disc 2: Couple 2 – Session 11 of EFT with Juli and Lee

These couples had never met with Sue Johnson before these sessions and knew that they were being observed and had been recommended for these consultations by their EFT therapists. The couples are now entering Stage II where the therapist helps partners to reach for each other and create positive bonding events. The first task is to focus on engaging the more withdrawn partner (John in Couple 1 and Juli in Couple 2).

5- Working Successfully with Same Sex Couples

Working Successfully with Same Sex Couples, The EFT Path to Secure Connection, demonstrates in two live sessions with Dr. Sue Johnson how the power of EFT’s attachment frame and interventions are equally relevant for gay and heterosexual couples.  This four hour video includes voice over commentary and a panel discussion with three EFT therapists about responding to the unique challenges faced by same sex couples.

6- Healing broken bonds

This DVD shows one couple progressing through the change process in EFT, from a destructive cycle of blame/withdraw to emotional engagement and the creation of a more secure bond. Excerpts from various sessions are re-enacted along with therapist commentary. Key interventions used in EFT are shown. An excerpt of the first session assessment and the identification of the couples’ negative cycle follows. Excerpts from sessions eight and twelve illustrate the process of re-engaging the withdrawn partner in the relationship. A key change event in EFT, softening the more hostile partner, is shown in session 14, and excerpts from session 15 and 17 illustrate how this change is integrated and treatment terminated. The DVD runs for approximately 95 minutes and is taken from real therapy transcripts. These transcripts are illustrated by actors to protect the identity of the couple.

7- Emotionally Focused Therapy in Action

In this 4.5 hour DVD, Dr. Sue Johnson conducts an actual session with a challenging couple haunted by the “echoes of war”. Sue consults with the couples’ therapist, aided by video clips from prior sessions and discussed key points with Dr. Victor Yalom. Then Dr. Johnson works with the couple in a brilliant demonstration of the subtly and efficacy of EFT. In a single session, she helps them conceptualize their conflicts in attachment terms, gain an understanding of their negative cycle and begin to reveal some of the vulnerable feelings that underlie their explosive anger.

Commentary with Dr. Johnson and Dr. Victor Yalom before, during and after the consultation and session provides insight into her approach.

8- Emotionally Focused Therapy, A Complete Treatment (Set of 3 DVDs)

This unique set of videos offers the chance to watch a full course of EFT with a very engaging yet challenging couple.  Over 10 sessions, Rebecca Jorgensen demonstrates this gentle yet evocative attachment based approach with empathy and skill, forming an alliance with the couple encourages them to step out of their comfort zones and interact with each other in new way.  With years of experience as both an EFT therapy and trainer, Jorgensen’s work with Carl and Sandra offers an in depth course for any therapist wanting to develop in-depth skills in the difficult art of couple’s therapy.

9 - Finding the Connection

On the First DVD: Dr. Scott Wooley works with a couple in Stage 2, helping the withdrawer connect with his emotions and invite his wife to come and be with him.  Dr. Wooley uses classic EFT interventions including reflection, empathetic conjecture, evocative questioning, validation etc.

On the Second DVD: Yolanda von Hockauf working in EFT state 1, with a couple where a recent diagnosis of ASS helps explain the frustrating disconnect the couple have been experiencing.  The live session demonstrates how our empathetic attunement can help therapists adapt the EFT model to a wide range of clinical situations.  This part of the DVD also demonstrates the power and universality of the EFT model.

10 - Shaping Secure Connection: Dr. Sue Johnson & Dr. Marlene Best

In this video you will see two case presentations and live sessions of Stage 1 and Stage 2 EFT change processes.  In both sessions subtitles appear that comment on interventions as they occur.  Sue and Marlene also discuss their session and outline how each session is typical of the stage in with it occurred.

11 - Risking, Reaching and Responding: Transforming Relationships in Stage 2 of EFT

Sue Johnson and Gail Palmer. In this video you will see two case presentations and live sessions from Stage 2 of EFT including key moments of key change events – withdrawer reengagement and blamer/pursuer softening.  In these moments, partners become Accessible, Responsive and Engaged with each other.  These are the key qualities that define the security of an attachment bond.  Sue and Gail outline each case and discuss their session outlining how each session illustrates EFT interventions and the process of shaping the corrective emotional experience that is the essence of Stage 2 in EFT.  Included is a unique step by step process analysis of interventions offering an x-ray view of how the therapists create change.

12 - Facing the Dragon Together: Emotionally Focused Therapy with Traumatized Couples

Sue Johnson. In this video you will see two days of teaching, question and answer discussion, and video clips of interventions as Dr. Johnson outlines how EFT offers a systematic way to work with couples while the ghost of trauma hovers in the background.

Additional Non-Professional DVDs:

13- Richard Doleman, Working with Attack Attack Couples

14- Talk on Steps 3 & 4 with Jan DiSanto and Richard Doleman

CDs (Audio only):


With Jan DiSanto, RN, MFT and Richard Doleman, MFT

We cover the fundamentals of Steps 3 & 4 using didactic and role play including:

  • Accessing primary emotion
  • Linking primary emotion to secondary emotion, thoughts, and actions
  • Framing key emotions in context of the cycle
  • Reframing behavior in attachment terms
  • Reflecting intention
  • Zooming in and out
  • Understanding the attachment needs that are driving the cycle
  • Helping partners accept the reframe
  • Specific intervention strategies

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