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IN PERSON Quarterly Kickoff October 29th

  • 29 Oct 2022
  • 9:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • First Presbyterian Church of Berkeley 2407 Dana Street Berkeley, CA 94704


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IN PERSON NCCEFT Quarterly Meeting !

EFT and Returning to the Basics

October 29th, 2022

Presented by:

Dr. Sam Jinich, Ph.D., Certified EFT Trainer, Supervisor, and Therapist

We look forward to seeing our community members in-person

again! We have new members to meet and old members to

greet. Please join us for this very deep dive into the basics of EFT.

Register now by clicking here: http://www.ncceft.com/events/

About This Training: 

Emotions tell us where to focus our attention and they are also

our most important tool to bring about change in our clients. In

EFT, vulnerable emotions are accessed, explored, and

expanded to facilitate client shifts toward more adaptive

integrated emotions in relationships. This involves greater

experiential involvement in therapy as clients focus inward on

their meaning-making process. 

Today’s discussion will focus on a group presentation by Sam,

small group discussions between old and new (split up into

mixed groups of 0-5 years of EFT training, and veterans of over

5 years since learning the model of EFT, and then a large

group discussion as to what was discovered or learned in the

smaller groups of old and new.

 One of the areas of emphasis will be, what truly differentiates a

Stage One Tango from a Stage Two Tango. Another focus will

be holding onto the Steps and Stages and of course RISSSSC

as a guiding map such that we can review internal working

models and unmet attachment longings that fuel patterns. And

finally, most importantly, we will boldly lean into deeper and

scarier enactments as we know that when deeper and scary

are well received, we can shift and structure bonds from

insecure to secure.

Learning Objectives:

 At the conclusion of this program, participants will be able to:

1. Identify two key differences between Stage One Tangos and

Stage Two Tangos.

2. List and explain three core therapeutic practices in EFT

to attune to and evoke attachment emotions, longings and fears.

3. Apply powerful yet basic EFT skills such as reflecting and

validating in attachment terms to develop entry points to explore,

distill and enact such that deeper and scarier.

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